The Interreligious Engagement Initiative is a project that was designed to promote engagement activities and academics that are related to the research and study of religion in similar and cross-cultural contexts.

These programs will support projects and events that are related to understanding various faiths through various academic scholarship, and engagement of the community through outreach programs. Intercultural understanding is very important, and students need to learn the concepts of interfaith dialogs. As religion lies at the centre of cultural relationships and identity, it is essential to find out ways to facilitate interreligious dialogue across nations.

Interreligious Engagement Initiative is committed to developing significant projects which offer a good social, academic, and spiritual well-being.

The following are some of the core values taught in Interreligious Engagement Initiative:

Achieve highest standards of academic integrity:

The Interreligious Engagement Initiative mainly attempts to maintain high standards of academic integrity and being consistent in following the mission, and that is done by the promotion of different creative thinking, academic freedom, accountability, ethical honesty, and openness.

Compressive study:

The Interreligious Engagement Initiative encourages the development of the academic research of various faiths. Every religion has a deep and rich culture, and the IRI tries to support and promote the interreligious, cross-cultural, and intra-traditional studies of subjects such as theology, history, literature, cultural life and folklore.

Supporting events related to interfaith dialogues:

Students and scholars are encouraged to understand and support various activities that are held to promote interreligious engagement.  IRI also encourages the local community by supporting such events and projects which promote global and civic engagement. The Interreligious Engagement Initiative also has programs that aid in the exploration of ideas and methods towards the exchange of knowledge.

Respecting the faiths of other cultures:

Respecting the faiths and beliefs of people from different background are one of the most important values that are taught to the students.

Students and scholars are taught to respect the diversity of nations. They are also encouraged to promote a healthy atmosphere of productive dialogue and scholarly exchange.

Community partnerships:

Interreligious Engagement Initiative project is keen on developing partnerships with many local organizations which also tend to promote the understanding of religious boundaries and culture of the people. There are many organizations like the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy, Orem LDS Institute of Religion, Bradley Centre for Grieving Children & Families, etc. who partners of the Interreligious Engagement Initiative project are.

Interreligious Engagement Initiative project is a good initiative to help students and scholars to understand the background of people from different cultures. By following the cultures, they tend to respect their faiths and learn to appreciate the similarities between faiths than to criticise by pointing out the differences in them. Only when we learn the importance of interreligious dialogues, we will be able to live in a peaceful world.