There was a time when caste and religion were the most important aspects of someone’s life. But now things are changing, people now know that if they focus too much on caste and religion, then they might need to be out of society. Which is practically not possible and if we wish to do so we might lose the humanity which is expected from our generation.
We don’t need to forget that we live in a society where we have people of different faith. We need to respect every caste and religion with all the brotherhood. They may have a different religion or caste, and if we want to have a part of that society, then we have to accept their caste and religion with the same respect as we give it to ours. We already suffered a lot just because of the caste and religion system, but we learnt a lot from our mistakes. Now is the era we need to spread this knowledge to the whole world for its betterment.

Now, most of the governments in the world made the law that provides inter caste and inter religion marriages. However, rules are not enough to get rid of caste and religion based discrimination. This change needs to come from the below, and our Society must come forward to promote such type of marriages, and adequate protection must be given to couples who engage in such marriages. Most of our society is now educated enough to handle these kinds of situations where they can handle inter-cast marriages.

In old times, the power and quality of a community’s god were judged by looking at how well that community was doing. And it was decided as per the wealth, size and communities succeed in battles. There is reasonably good evidence that having a shared religion confers advantages on a community. It encourages communities’ cooperation and builds trust between the members and it also discourages idle scroungers and makes it easier to find out the people who support you, who you might want to marry or trade with.

Hell is stronger than Heaven. The fear of punishment is an essential tool in structuring society around religion than the promise of rewards. It’s a well-known fact that Religious people are taken to be more reliable, and so religion helps a society towards stability and efficiency. Here we see that religion is beneficial if properly taken care of. But here we are talking about Interreligious insight where we look at the thing which affects and helps different faiths and communities to come together and share their love with each other.

For instance, attending and participating in other religious ceremonies or celebrations may make you feel like you’re renouncing your own faith. “Learning by doing” approach requires thinking of new experiences and deeper understanding of other people. Only having a different faith experience is not enough. Finding a safe space to reflect on how the experience made you feel, compare the similarities and differences, and discuss the values that may provide the foundation for this faith which helps you process your new experiences and, hopefully, broaden your perspective. Hence “learning by doing and reflecting” gives us more meaningful connections with the people of different faiths. It also develops honest and open relationships that help individuals to adapt better surroundings.