Pendulum dowsing is becoming popular. It has been used in ancient era too. Pendulum dowsing uses a pendulum which fetches answers for the reader. Majorly the answers are in a “yes” or “No” pattern. The Pendulum can be made by hanging a small thing with an optimum weight connected with a string or a rod. One can buy a pendulum from market too , but choosing your pendulum correctly is very important like if you like a pendulum and when you touch it, you feel good, then it is the one for you.
Pendulum works as a medium to absorb the vibration, which majorly comes out from the consciousness of a mind. For starting pendulum dowsing, reader must set the answers of “yes”, “No” and “ no answers” by the directional movement of the pendulum. Initially you need to rest your elbow on a stable surface and keep the pendulum still. Offering a short prayer creates a positive environment, then start putting up the questions. Every time you change the question ,keep the pendulum still ,so that it clears all the previous data. You can do this by keeping it still or simply asking it to do so through your mind. Keep your mind also away from the clutters. Check for these techniques.
Initially to check the correctness of the answers, ask the questions you already know the answers of. Keeping patience is very important throughout the process. With time and practice you will perform it better.