There are several ways to classify peoples. One of the most significant ways is to organize them regarding their religion. What is a religion? This is one such question which we are not able to answer correctly. Faith is the most excellent way of living our lives as told by our ancestors. It includes different rituals, a different way of worshipping, other types of dress up and various festivals.
Everything we see around us in this modern world like buildings, vehicles, statues, etc. is the piece of work by us. In other words, we created these things. We are humans, and we are also physically present in this world. So it is evident that we are also someone’s creation, someone we have not seen. But we have an internal belief that we have a creator. So, how to thank that creator? How to receive blessings of that creator? These questions gave rise to religion. By having a religion, we feel connected to that our creator.

Religion is essential for a person as its rituals bring the concentration to our lives which indirectly results in enlightenment and satisfaction. Though every religion has the destination of happiness and knowledge, the way to the goal is different in every religion. This is giving rise to the distances among the interreligious peoples. As time is passing, these interreligious differences are getting more polluted creating havoc around this world. What we can see as the result is that the majorities are trying to dominate the minorities. This kind of interreligious mindset is stopping the progress of humans.

Nowadays we can see interreligious peoples continuously questioning about the physical appearances of each other, they are asking about the rituals of each other, they are questioning about the history of each other’s religion, they are even questioning about the existence of each other’s god. Due to this heating debates and the manipulation of these topics what we get are riots and curfew.
There was a time when peoples, following a specific religion were living within a particular place or a specific country. It was a time when there was no such interreligious kind of things available to this world. But as time passes, peoples start migrating to different places, and the collision between the interreligious peoples begin taking place.

Peoples are not only resisting interreligious marriages but also resisting talking with interreligious peoples. In this modern day, our brains need some more modernization. We have to understand that in the past there were no schools or colleges. So the only institution where one can learn something was his home or community. So the blacksmith’s son was destined to become a blacksmith, a landowners son was destined to become a landowner, and a farmer’s son was supposed to be a farmer.

Similarly, it was pronounced for a person to believe in a specific religion and follow it as taught by his ancestors as he didn’t know much about the other religions. But the world is changing and giving us a chance to explore other religions as well. What we will find after studying other religions is a different road having the same destination of peace.

So, instead of debating about the interreligious things, we should focus on humanity. We should not judge peoples about their last name or their physical appearance but should understand them according to their deeds.