We’ve all experienced the grief of losing a loved one. We often find ourselves wondering if they’re doing okay in the afterlife. Their passing could happen so suddenly that we still have lingering questions that only they can answer. They could be attempting to speak with you right now and you may not realize it. If you’re suspicious that a deceased loved one may be trying to contact you, here are some signs to look for and how to respond.

How The Deceased Can Contact Us

1. Dreamscape Visitations
Dreaming about a deceased loved one is a fairly common experience. Most psychologists agree that this is a type of coping mechanism for your mind and emotions. But when is a simple dream about a deceased loved one not very simple? There are a few things to look for when trying to determine if your dream is actually a dreamscape visitation.

During your dream, if your loved one appears to you in distress or is asking for your help, this could be a sign that something is not well in the afterlife. Alternatively, if you speak to your loved one during your dream and they acknowledge the fact that they’re deceased, that is a significant sign that you are connecting with them in the afterlife.

These dream visitations can often yield many beneficial points of information. Your loved one would not be using their spiritual energy to reach out to you if it weren’t important. Once you awake from a dream about a deceased loved one, grab a notebook and write down every detail that you can remember. The dead have difficulty communicating coherently with the living, so they need to use symbols or visions to convey their messages. Should you find yourself experiencing dreamscape visitations that seem urgent, you should contact a psychic or a spiritual medium immediately.

2. Apparitions
Some spirits are so powerful that they are able to cross the veil and appear in the world of the living as a partially formed apparition. Since our living eyes cannot perfectly grasp the energy or workings of the afterlife, the apparitions might appear slightly blurry or misshapen. If you’ve ever caught something from the corner of your eye that appeared to be the shape or silhouette of your deceased loved one, you very well may have seen exactly that. These types of apparitions and sightings don’t occur just in the world of the occult. Many people from many cultures and religions believe in the power of deceased spirits to be able to return to the mortal plane to bring good fortune or ill omens.

3. Voices, Sounds, & Smells
Some of our senses are easier to stimulate than others. While it can be difficult for a deceased loved one to get our attention using our eyesight, our senses of smell and hearing are much easier and require less energy. If you’re ever by yourself and you smell the lingering scent of a family perfume/cologne worn by a passed loved one or any other familiar smell tied to that person, that could be a sign of their presence.

People have also reported hearing the disembodied voice of a loved one who had passed. This can occur at any time during the day or night regardless of what you’re doing. There is even a handful of cases where a deceased loved one has called family members from old phone numbers to leave cryptic messages. If any of these things happen to you, it is urgent that you contact a psychic or a spiritual medium to contact your loved one and find out what their urgent message is for you.

How Can A Medium Contact Spirits

A medium is a spiritually-gifted person who has the ability to communicate with spirits existing in the afterlife. While mediums are generally born with the gift of spiritual communication, there are certain tools that a medium can utilize to boost the spiritual connection and to help clear up the incoming communication.

  • Tarot Cards. This is a very popular form of spiritual communication that helps to lay out the message in a visual form that only the medium will be able to decipher.
  • Ouija Board. This form of communication allows the spirit to spell out their message clearly but is also a very risky choice since it can make contact with spirits other than your loved ones.
  • Seance. Often associated with the occult, seances are a ritualistic form of communication that opens a gateway to the spirit realm which should only be attempted by a professional psychic or medium.
  • Spirit Channeling. This is when a medium allows a spirit to enter their body to speak using their voice. This allows for clear communication, but the medium takes on all of the risks involved.

I specialize in spiritual communications with the souls of the afterlife using various communication tools. If you find yourself being contacted by a deceased loved one and would like to communicate with them, contact me for a spiritual communication session.