Our loved ones from the heaven want to communicate with us and can send signs in the form of pictures, symbols, songs, dreams etc. But in some cases it would take quite a long time to receive a sign from our loved ones. There can be several reasons for this delay.

  •         When a loved one passes, they take some time for the transition from this world to the next side. This is the time when there is a reunion of him with the other family members already living in the heaven.
  •         It can be because our loved ones are not used to the heaven and that’s why it takes some time for them to gather enough energy to come up with a sign to us.
  •         When we are emotionally weak, we are not being able to take benefit of the sign which our loved one sends to us. That’s why our loved ones wait for the right moment when we are more stable with our minds to come up with a sign.

We will receive a sign when we are ready and will be able to extract lessons or benefits from it. The signs are their way of telling a hello. It’s their way of telling that they are with us and will guide us to the rest of our life. They don’t want us to be questioning about how they passed away, they don’t want us to stick with their memories which is stopping us to move forward. They want us to be happy and live our life to the fullest.