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It represents a new publishing effort at a time of profound transition in international relationships. As a shared venture between three interfaith groups, it aims to transcend narrow interests by providing a platform for reflecting with passion on many of the critical issues facing our world.

The name was chosen with great care in order to mirror an emerging task. Given that they have traditionally acted as overarching worldviews, the religions have long been accustomed to thinking of these as self-sufficient, each tradition happily supplying its own separate vision of sacred reality. That era has now passed. It is the distance between convictions that controls more and more of our attention. Maintained separately, the religions create particular insights and wisdom, some having been shaped by long histories of cherished memory and some springing from more recent history. Yet in a world where the religions jostle together, often clash and sometimes cooperate, we are learning that the space between convictions is also a space with its own challenging insight.


Interreligious Insight was taken by Cetta Kenney at Jerusalem’s Citadel, the Tower of David. The occasion was the exhibition in 2000 of glass sculpture by the extraordinary Dale Chihuly. Entitled “Chihuly in the Light of Jerusalem 2000”, the installation took splendid advantage of this spectacular courtyard setting at the Tower.From the time of his experience at Kibbutz Lahav in 1962-63 to the long work on the installation, Chihuly’s relationship with Israel and Jerusalem was developing. In the end, the artist wanted to improve the experience of visitors to a sacred location.

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The Present Interreligious Day

There are several ways to classify peoples. One of the most significant ways is to organize them regarding their religion. What is a religion? This is one such question which we are not able to answer correctly. Faith is the most excellent way of living our lives as...

Interreligious Insight- Religion in New Era

There was a time when caste and religion were the most important aspects of someone’s life. But now things are changing, people now know that if they focus too much on caste and religion, then they might need to be out of society. Which is practically not possible and...

Interreligious Engagement Initiative

The Interreligious Engagement Initiative is a project that was designed to promote engagement activities and academics that are related to the research and study of religion in similar and cross-cultural contexts. These programs will support projects and events that...

Interreligious Dialogue and its Types

Different people have different opinions about other religions. Some are narrow-minded and do not get much involved in the idea of religious pluralism, while few others accept that all religions are equal and each one of them has something to do with the betterment of...

Things you didn’t know about Interreligious Insight

Introduction to interreligious faith: A lot of us do not even know the term interreligious insight. With the understanding of the English that we have, we might be able to interpret what the terms might possibly mean. However, as far as the term interreligious insight...

What is Interreligious Dialogue?

Interreligious dialogue is a constructive process where people of different religious background come to a mutual understanding.  These people try to respect each other and live in harmony in spite of their differences. Interreligious dialogue breaks down the walls of...

Principles of Interfaith Engagement

Interfaith dialogue is an interaction among people with different religion and cultural background. It is to respect and live in harmony with each other so that we can live in a peaceful world. Due to globalization we constantly interact with people from different...

Challenges of Interreligious Dialogue

Though we live in a world filled with a lot of interpersonal conflicts in the name of faith, religion, and groups, there are also other concepts of unity that still co-exist with us. What we are going to see here is also one such concept. Now many people are aware of...

Why is Interfaith Dialogue Important?

Religion has played an important part in international relations and politics throughout the history of humankind. With the increase in globalization, interdependency of nations has started to increase. People began to migrate to different countries, and this has...